Observations on Moral Difficulties  in Counseling Experience

Horizons of Thought     Vol.3. No.1, Spring & Summer 2017, P. 57-64

Abolhassan Haghani Khave/ Assistant professor, Imam Khomeini Institute for Education and Research         haghani@qabas.net
Received: 2021/06/16 - Accepted: 2021/09/19  

In this study we have surveyed some of the leading factors that cause irreligion and immorality, including: weakness of religious insight, an unhealthy family environment, the association of pressure and violence with religion, tendencies toward carnal desires, the deviations of some outwardly religious people, and worldliness. We have also alluded to the fact that the Noble Qur’an itself displays sensitivity to these issues and counsels steps to counter these harmful factors, including: proper religious education, the cultivation of healthy families, tolerance and nonviolent methods for religious training, the curbing of carnal desires with the help of prayer, the wisdom to distinguish true religious teaching from the deviations of some who pretend to be religious teachers, and attention to the fact that the goal and meaning of life is not to be found in worldly attractions. All of these steps are essential to the task of self-training and the realization of one’s humanity that are taught by religion.
Keywords: Escaping from religion, Youth, Counseling, Cyberspace.

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