Life-Meaning Crisis,  Islamic and Humanist Points of View 

Horizons of Thought     Vol.3. No.1, Spring & Summer 2017, P. 25-40

Sayyed Ahmad Rahnamaei / Associate Professor in Philosophy of Education, Imam Khomeini Institute for Education and Research 
Received: 2021/08/16 - Accepted: 2021/12/19

There are many people all around the world dealing with at least one or more types of crises at present time. Most of the persons afflicted are those who especially suffer from the crisis of life-meaning due to their imperfect qualifications, less-experienced lifetime and deficiency of their knowledge. In addition to the above, many people experience stresses occurred to them through the significant concurrence or convergence of events that have ruined their concepts of life.
In accordance with the Islamic world-view, the major conception of human life refers to one's understanding of the original meaning of existence as well as to one's perception of the wisdom behind the general creation. The Qur'an indicates how the major Divine Mission of the Messengers of Allah is to fight against all kinds of ignorance and negligence and furthermore, to support humankind in their confronting to any crisis before they are to be involved into that crisis. Trough the present writing, I am interested to reflect upon the aforementioned question and find out any adequate answer to this concrete question from within the Islamic resources.
Key Words: Crisis, Life-meaning, Meaning Crisis, Meaning of Existence 

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