Prerequisite Assumptions For An Authentic Interreligious Dialogue A Qurânic Survey

Horizons of Thought     Vol.3. No.1, Spring & Summer 2017, P. 7-24

Sayyed Mohammad Reza Hejazi/ Dean and Professor of Department of Religious Studies, Islamic Studies and Research Academy (ISRA)
Received: 2021/06/16 - Accepted: 2021/09/19

There are two stages of interreligious dialogue, that is, political and academic, each of which has its own goals and requirements. The Holy Qurân presents an exclusive proposal of an interreligious dialogue that might be successfully fulfilled in the context of its methodological elements and prerequisite assumptions. The exploration of certain academic goals of interreligious dialogue according to the verses of the Holy Qurân is one of the preliminary aims of this paper. In addition, the Quranic prerequisite assumptions for an academic interreligious dialogue will be elucidated and analyzed in this research.
Keywords: Dialogue, Interreligious Discourse, Mutual Understanding, Methodology of Dialogue.

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