Encouragement of Youth to Religion in the Qur’an

Mohammad N. Saghaye Biria / Assistant Professor, IKI
Received: 2020/02/02 - Accepted: 2020/06/22

The problem of heedlessness of youth to religion has spread throughout the world due to secular ideologies. The believers in God and the chain of great prophets are concerned about the welfare of their youth in this world and in the hereafter. What are the ways to encourage youth to accepting religion and practicing it? What is the viewpoint of the Quran? This article refers to the Quran using content analysis as its research method. 
Studying facts and examples in the Quran suggests the following resolutions toward encouragement of youth to religion: 1. To build the future of youth with a divine and monotheistic pure intention and bear all difficulties of educating them (Investment of time effort, and capital). 2. To be attentive to youth education; but consider their power of choice. Our part is to elevate their understanding about religion and provide the background for their right decisions. 3. To try to keep and strengthen the family culture based on religious teachings. 4. To benefit from the opportunity of youth more readiness for acceptance and practice of religion compared to adults and seriously take action in their education. 5. To inform youth about the dangers of following temptations and obedience of Satan. 6. Not to hesitate introducing God to youth, and inviting them to become intimate with God. 7. To build a large religious community that supports religious culture and provides a religious umbrella including a strong set of religious conventional laws. This will be the most effective way to encourage youth to religion.
Key Words: youth, family, religious education, the Qur’an, spirituality.

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