Opportunities and challenges for the transfer of dialogue achievements among religions to the society

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Mokhtari/ Associate professor, IKI
Received: 2020/06/16 - Accepted: 2020/09/19

One of the most important topics in the contemporary world is the necessity of interaction and dialogue among religions, which promotes human aims in this world. According to the Holy Quran, this is only possible in the light of logical, intellectual and theoretical understanding. To transfer achievements of such dialogue is of supreme importance. The use of reasoning and its communication is emphasized by God and issued as a command to the Prophet of Islam. According to the importance of the topic, this research aims to study the Opportunities and challenges for the transfer of dialogue achievements among religions to the society. There are some points to consider in communicating such achievements to the society: Religions differ in the sense that some religions due to the circumstances become concerned with persons and individuals rather than pay attention to the social demands. Globalization as a key matter can play a role in the communication of inter-religious achievements since religious values are rooted in human and natural values. Such values function and spread better in a global world. More evident and common topics shared by all religions include human honor, kindness, forgiveness and friendship, peace and benevolence, guidance and so on that might be employed for communicating the achievements of dialogue among religions to the society. Of course, the variety and extent of the number of religions no doubt becomes an opportunity for the human community when the dialogue among religions and the communication and transfer of its achievements might deepen the understanding and insight in the society.
Keywords: religions, society, Opportunities and challenges, dialogue achievements.

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