Foundations and Principles of Education in Islam

Late Ayatullah Muhammad Taqi Mesbah Yazdi/ Professor and Ex-president of IKI
Translated by Ali Mesbah/ Associate Professor, IKI                  Received: 2020/05/23

Visions and understandings about the nature and dimensions of human being, the objective(s) of education, and how human beings develop and advance toward the given objective(s) shape the foundations of education in every system of thought. Therefore, before elaborating on Islamic educational system, one has to determine its theoretical bedrocks and practical principles. The ultimate goal of Islamic education is to pave the way for maximal perfection of human beings, and its practical aims are understood in this direction. Deliberating upon the Islamic ideas about the true nature of human beings, their ontological dimensions, the goal of their creation, their ultimate perfection, and the way they have to move towards this end, the author has come up with twelve points as cornerstones of an Islamic education, as well as twelve practical principles.

Keywords: Islam, Education, Foundations, Principles, Human Nature, Creation, Perfection.

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