The Application of Axiology in our Systematic Appraisal of the Islamic Human Sciences

Volume.2, No.1, Spring & Summer 2016

Sayyed Mohammad Reza Hejazi /

Professor of Islamic Philosophy and Religious Studies                 

President and Professor, Islamic Studies and Research Academy (ISRA)

Received: 2016/05/22 - Accepted: 2016/09/12


Through Axiology as a consistent procedure of both comprehending the nature of value and measuring and/or estimating the entire assortment of values, including intrinsic values and extrinsic ones, we would be competent to weigh up the level of accuracy and authenticity of the Islamic values implanted in the Social and Humanistic Sciences designated to be as the Islamic Humanities. By applying this scientific method, we would consider certain branches of Human sciences, such as Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology, within the framework of Islamic values, to estimate their adjustment with the whole system, as well as their validity of being entitled as an Islamic Human Science.

Key words: Axiology, Value System, Islamic Values, Human Sciences, Islamic Human Science.