Cultural Colonialism and Colonial Culture

Vol.1, No.2, Spring & Summer 2015

Nasrullah Sekhavati Ladani \ Assistant Professor, Almustafa International University

Received: 2015/4/10 - Accepted: 2015/8/13


Cultural imperialism and colonial cultures are both cultural affairs and the gradation of the colonized. There are various forms of colonialism. Originally a traditional form of colonialism came into being by force. After the big countries had well understood that they can no more enter other countries by force, they changed their style. Nowadays, information on the colonized countries as well as their culture are being used as  bait by them.

In this article we discuss the importance of cultural influences of colonialism and imperialism on colonial societies. We admit that imperialism already exists in underdeveloped or developing countries which, not only is of no use to these countries, but also very detrimental and dangerous to them. As a result, the intellectuals and members of a committed society have the responsibility to fight this phenomenon. Meanwhile, intellectuals in the colonial countries have fallen short of expectations and have not fulfilled  their duty. Now what should we do?

Key words: Culture, Colonialism, Cultural Colonialism and Colonial Culture.